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Blockchain provides trust in a trustless environment. It’s a decentralized peer-to-peer monetary system which transcends the need for a “trusted” third-party. Compare that to closed, “trust”-based, centralized value-exchange system, which banks are.

Now add the element of control, huge transaction fees, an enormous effect of financial manipulation (think 2008 crisis) – and there you have it: an explosive coctail of.. emerging new value-exchange systems like blockchain which powers the greatest global and decentralized currencies which do not need any central authority to run, are resistant to control and will continue to disrupt the current financial system that we have.

Also, did we mention the fact that Bitcoin’s blockchain has an uptime of 99.992330440 % since it’s inception almost 10 years ago? Beat that, banks! Now, are you ready to spread the word? Go ahead and get this t-shirt before they DO go Open-Source!

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